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'Choc Art Studio' Concept

Have you ever thought about opening up your own Chocolate Art Studio, or adding a Choc Creator to your existing studio?

Choc Art Studio is a concept that was soft-launched in London back in 2015. Over the past 6 years, a number of entrepreneurs have helped to establish this unique format, the aim of which is to encourage anyone from established chocolatiers to new businesses to create a public or private space within their studio not only for producing 2D/3D creations for retail, but also for the purpose of offering an interactive experience with a Choc Creator.

Whereas some chocolate shops might create a corner in the store where customers can receive supervised interaction with the Choc Creator, others might choose only to run workshops in the evening, charging a small fee to the participants. 

Simple Apps (useful for training, workshops, etc)

Choc Edge provides complete novices with access to two very simple web-based apps to help them learn more about how the STL format works. These tools have proven to be useful in helping novices to understand the STL > G-code conversion process, which plays an important role in the 3D Chocolate Printing process.


Basic 2D/2.5D STL template library

The Choc Edge MIX & MATCH web-based app is an enhanced version of the CHOC TEXT app which enables users to not only generate simple text but also match it to a selection of simple pre-rendered 2D/2.5D designs.

MIX & MATCH is a practice app which contains templates that can be downloaded in small, medium and large sizes. The idea of this app is to help novices understand the STL>G-code process, which is the first step towards creating one's own designs.  

  • Access 50 x 2D/2.5D designs in 3 sizes [Templates in STL format]
  • Combine different designs [Place 3 x small templates on the canvas]
  • Add text to existing designs [Experiment with customizing]
  • Choose from a range of themes [Quick access to seasonal designs]
  • Practice the STL > G-code slicing process
  • Simple enough for children to use


Quick rendering of basic 2D STL text

CHOC TEXT is a simple web-based app that enables the conversion of a name, word or short message into an STL file. Once downloaded, the file can be opened in ChocPrint and a G-code suitable for chocolate printing can be generated. The results can be printed onto flat substrates such as chocolate bars or icing sheets. Due to its simplicity, this app has proved popular with children and at events when quick text rendering is required.

  • 3 different fonts
  • 3 different sizes
  • Add multiple words
  • Simple enough for childen to use
  • Practice the STL > G-code process


2D single-line drawing/doodling Android app

CHOC DRAW is available to customers with Android tablets and enables 2D freehand drawing/doodling which is instantly converted into a G-code. Using a stylus, the user can draw on the canvas to create a design which can be printed instantly by sending the G-code to the printer wirelessly. To help users create more controlled doodles such as portraits, it is possible to import photos and images into CHOC DRAW for manual tracing, and the artwork created can be saved as a G-code for future use. Using single-line printing technology rather than the standard STL format, CHOCDRAW is quick and ideal for events, educational activities, workshops, and printing demonstrations.  

  • Android [Best suited to large 10.1 inch or larger devices]
  • Print drawings/doodles onto flat substrates or icing sheets
  • Manually trace photos to create caricatures
  • Quick-fire tool with preset parameters : No STL, No Slicing 
  • Aimed at *children - Simple enough for *Kindergarten level (*supervised)
  • Connect to the Choc Creator V2.0 Plus via WiFi                                                                                                                                                                     

Education, Workshops & Events using 3D Chocolate Printing

The Choc Edge Team have always been passionate about education, with every member having been an educator in either a school or university at some point in their career. In fact, the Choc Creator began life as a project at the University Of Exeter in the UK, with a team of scientists working towards the validation of the concept of ALM food printing. The 3D chocolate printing process is uniquely multidisciplinary, and can therefore be incorporated into a variety of subjects.

Elements of the process include: Creative Thinking, Idea Generation, Developing Solutions & Strategies, 2D & 3D Design, Numerical Language Coding, Cartesian Coordinate System & ALM Comprehension, Practical Engineering, Mechanics & Electronics, Applying Scientific Principles, Chocolate & Related Foodstuff, Food Preparation, Product Design, etc

 - - - Education (Schools, Colleges, Universities) - - -

Since the commercial release of the very first Choc Creator, our technology has been used with great success in classrooms across the globe, with educators incorporating our 3D chocolate printers into their syllabus to teach a variety of subjects, including :

* STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics) :

STEAM education is a relatively new interdisciplinary approach to learning which focuses on 'real-world' lessons. Academic concepts are integrated with science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics, with the curriculum designed to foster ingenuity, creativity, idea generation, problem-solving and innovative thinking, as well as the core skills from traditional classroom content. 

* IT (Information Technology) & Coding :

Jotters, blackboards and chalk are all something of the past, with students now using computers both in school and at home for study and play. In the advent of the digital era, students are learning coding so that they have a fundamental understanding of how to create apps, games and websites.

* Food Science & Culinary Arts :

The future of food is in the hands of today's students, with 3D food printing currently making its mark on the industry. The skills learned in culinary schools are essential for the future development of chefs, and this includes creativity and artistry. The Choc Creator provides students with an opportunity to expand their thought process and skill set, requiring them to begin with concept art for unique chocolates, cakes or desserts on paper, then digitally converting and coding their designs before finally printing a physical result.

* Graphic Design & CDT (Craft Design & Technology) :

The idea of being able to print your own designs in chocolate is universally fascinating, and with a beginner's knowledge of software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, students can experiment with graphics that can be converted into printable files. Student who have already have a flair for 2D design are introduced to 3D design, which in turn gives them a secondary set of CAD skills. 

- - - CHOC STEAM - - - 

Are you a STEAM educator? - Interested in adding a Choc Creator to your course?

Developed by Choc Edge for the education sector in Asia, CHOC STEAM focuses on using creativity combined with 3D printing technology to teach the core STEAM subjects, as well as developing English language skills. 

Although the Choc Creator is still considered the primary tool (and certainly provides the most unique experience for the students), the syllabus has evolved to feature interaction with a variety a tools all related to digital fabrication, such as simple design software (including TinkerCAD), plastic printers and doodle pens. The fact that chocolate is used and has to be prepared introduces students to elements of home economics, which do not normally find their way into STEAM programmes.

For educators wanting to purchase a Choc Creator V2.0 Plus, please get in touch.

- - - Workshops (FABLABS, MAKERSPACES) - - -

Do you a run a FABLAB? - Interested in adding a Choc Creator to your lab?

FABLABS (digital fabrication laboratories) and MAKERSPACES are small-scale workshops offering digital fabrication using 3D printers, lasercutters and other CNC machinery. Most FABLABS and MAKERSPACES are open access and free as they are considered a community resource, creating a place where any member of the public can fabricate the designs they make either at home or in the space itself. The beauty of these spaces is that they tend to be equipped with the latest technology (unlike many schools and colleges) which makes them ideal for workshops.

The teams behind FABLABS and MAKERSPACES have shown a great deal of interest in Choc Creator technology for workshops and events, as 3D printing your own design in chocolate captures the attention of both children and adults like nothing before.

Managers of FABLABS or MAKERSPACES who would like to add a Choc Creator V2.0 Plus to their equipment range, please get in touch.

- - - Children's Parties - - - 

Are you a chocolatier? - Interested in running you own party business?

Many chocolatiers run a children's party service, and those with a Choc Creator can offer an exciting new twist on chocolate-making, introducing 3D chocolate printing as "something out of Willy Wonka's factory". Chocolatiers who place their Choc Creator visibly on display in their store tend to receive more interest in parties, with requests for both home visits and after hours parties in the store's workshop.

- - - Events Specialist - - - 

Are you an entrepreneur? - Interested in becoming an events specialist and creating your own events business?

The Choc Creator has proven to provide an engaging one-of-a-kind experience for visitors to events, and this concept focuses on the user starting their own side business as a Choc Creator 'events specialist' - The user provides the rental of their own Choc Creators and provides the operational manpower. Sounds interesting? If so, get in touch. 

The images below are from previous events where both 3D printing technologists and chocolatiers have displayed their Choc Creators for the public to see.

Please note: SERVICES CANCELLED - The Choc Edge UK team will not be providing a Choc Creator rental service, team hire service, or bespoke chocolate service until further notice. Thank you for understanding.