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UPDATE 22nd July 2022"" Official Statement from the CEO of ChocEdge  : Due to the recent injury sustained by the Head Of Manufacturing during a motor vehicle accident, and the bereavement of a member of the ChocEdge family, the unfortunate timing of these incidents has caused the ChocEdge factory to remain temporarily offline --- The elements are against us this month, as the Head Of Manufacturing's injury is much more complex than previously thought, requiring more recovery time than expected, and due to other complications (particularly Covid-19 outbreaks in the vicinity) there is a reduction in manpower at the factory, hence the temporary hiatus. Please be assured the factory will re-open again soon, so we ask all customers and distributors to please be patient. As soon as the factory re-opens, we will contact everyone with lead-times and quotes. We thank you for your understanding at this time of unprecedented challenges.""

What is Choc Edge and the Choc Creator V2.0 Plus ?

Choc Edge is a group of solo specialists that together form a unique creative team that focuses on developing the concept of 3D Chocolate Printing Solutions for individuals and businesses wishing to create their own personalised chocolates -- The collective team are considered both the originators of 3D Chocolate Printing and the pioneers of the current trend in 3D Food Processes.

Founded in Exeter as "Choc ALM" and later becoming a limited company under the name "Choc Edge" in 2012, the team worked together to introduce the world's first commercial 3D Chocolate Printer, and have since released a number of vastly upgraded models, including the current incarnation called the "Choc Creator V2.0 Plus" which has created a tremendous buzz worldwide.

What is 3D Chocolate Printing, and how exactly does it work ?

Creative Designer Anthony explains the process in the following way....

"3D Chocolate Printing is similar to 3D plastic printing, which itself is based on traditional coordinate system technology. Instead of printing in plastic, the Choc Creator V2.0 Plus enables users to print drawings and miniature objects in edible chocolate. Put simply, the process involves firstly converting your designs for a unique work of chocolate art into a 3D model, and then converting the 3D model into an instruction code (G-code) for the Choc Creator V2.0 Plus to read -- The code is generated by a computer program that slices 3D models into multiple layers and writes the printing instructions for each layer. Once the code is ready, it can be loaded into the Choc Creator V2.0 Plus and the design will be printed layer-by-layer."

The image below describes this process (from pencil sketch to final printed chocolate) using one of Anthony's designs as an example  :

Where can I read more about this technology ?

In order to convey as much information as possible to potential users, Creative Designer Anthony has prepared a highly detailed FAQ using real-life questions gathered from various chocolatiers, bakers, educational institutions, and marketing companies -- The latest version of this document is available on request.

What exactly does the Choc Edge team do ?

Each solo specialist has their role, and roles often crossover between every aspect of the business, but every member's goal is to coordinate their efforts to enable the design, manufacturing and retailing of 3D Chocolate Printers -- The current model, the Choc Creator V2.0 Plus, is out now and available for purchase directly from Choc Edge Ltd or via an international distribution network. 

Please note the team specialises in electronic equipment specifically for printing in chocolate and the related creative design work -- The team do not mass produce and/or retail chocolate.

Choc Edge Ltd (3D Chocolate Printing since CHOCALM in 2007)

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As the pioneers of 3D Chocolate Printing, the team have been faced with the challenge of conveying their unique technology to the world in a way that can be understood not only by the 3D printing community but also chocolatiers, bakers, confectioners, marketing companies and anyone endeavouring on a brand new business venture. The pages of this website have therefore been designed to contain as much information as possible about the 3D Chocolate Printing process, with many sections and articles written by Anthony who has shared his expertise with the team for almost a decade.

Choc Edge also has a strong presence on social media, and the team's Facebook page is particulary busy with interactions with followers :


Choc Edge & International Relations


Choc Edge and the WHBBA (Wuhan British Business Association) 

In November 2019, the WHBBA (Wuhan British Business Association) was formally established in Wuhan, making headline news in both the United Kingdom and across SouthEast Asia.

With the assistance of the Chinese government, Choc Edge Ltd helped to forge the WHBBA, an international platform that connects, supports and provides exchanges between Wuhan and the United Kingdom, with the aim to promote exciting new possibilities for trade and commerce, as well as the development of new technology businesses which may otherwise never come to fruition without the unique relationship the WHBBA is building.

The United Kingdom has a long history in Wuhan, the capital and largest city of the Chinese province of Hubei, renowned for being the the most populous city in central China with a population of over 10 million. Many organizations in the UK have strong partnerships in Wuhan that can be traced back decades, and Choc Edge Ltd is a prime example of a business started in the UK that now collaborates with the vast amount of talent Wuhan offers. The founding of the WHBBA promises to be an important platform to help interactions between British and Chinese technology companies, and since it is the first endeavor of this kind on this scale, the potential to create other powerful links to other cities around the world is enormous.

We are very proud to be a part of this momentious chapter in the development of stronger, more empowering international trade relations.




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