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Welcome to the gallery of original chocolate creations by Anthony Price and Mark Jones, two British freelance designers who produce artwork and assist with the development of methodologies for 3D Chocolate Printing.

2D/3D Chocolate Artists

Anthony and Mark have been avid users of Choc Edge's technology for a number of years and have worked closely with the Choc Edge team on a variety of projects. The wide range of designs in this gallery demonstrate the concept of chocolate printing. As both designers also provided the Choc Edge engineering team with a great deal of advice during the development of the Choc Creator V2.0 Plus, it can be said that the printer has been designed with a high level of artistic funcationality in mind.

Direct 3D Printing

Anthony and Mark's 3D designs are prime examples of direct [aka true] 3D chocolate printing, as opposed to indirect printing (which refers to manually assembling objects from multiple discreet components that have been printed individually). Direct printing sees objects build automatically from the base upwards until the model is complete - There is no intervention of any kind during the printing process, and no post-print work is involved. Direct printing of complex 3D models relies on correctly tempered chocolate, and an Automatic Tempering Machine is recommended to non-chocolatier users for best results.

An exciting new addition to the world of chocolate

The chocolate creations produced by Anthony and Mark have the appearance of neither handmade nor molded pieces - The style of their work is distinct, has an organic quality, and the themes are representative of the current trends in luxury chocolate. Despite the digital and mechanical elements of the 3D ALM process, the feeling of not only the artistry but also the emotional content placed into every bespoke design clearly shines through. Every design has a personal feel to it, as if it has been made not for the masses but for one special person.

A history of ALM Chocolate Printing Examples

Below is a collection of images showing Anthony and Mark's favorite creations from their various projects with Choc Edge over the years. Although some of the earliest designs were very simple, they were considered revolutionary at the time.

2D Art

Concept : 2D drawings and 2.5D prints 

The images below are presented as concept examples of 2D [1~2 layer] and 2.5D [3~6 layer] prints. A small selection of the original STL templates used to create these prints can be found in the MIX & MATCH library app.

3D Inspiration

Concept : Solid 3D shapes and art constructed from multiple components

The images below are presented as concept examples of 3D prints and 2.75D constructions. A library of 3D designs is available in G-code format.

All the 3D objects seen above were printed using machine-tempered Belgian Couverture Chocolate (which is recommended for quality printing results) in a studio with an ambient temperature of approx. 21°C / humidity 50%.
This gallery has been uploaded for the purpose of conveying the concept of chocolate printing and inspiring newcomers to this form of artistry. A number of the examples featured in this gallery are available to users in either STL or G-code format. It should be noted that not every example featured in this gallery is available to users - Some of the designs are for promotional use only, while others have been retired due to improvements in our technology, specifically the introduction of the new 0.8mm nozzle; The 0.4mm nozzle has now been retired and is no longer available. Any images above produced using the retired 0.4mm nozzle are kept here solely as inspirational concept examples.
The images in this gallery (including the variations found elsewhere in the pages of this website, Facebook, Twitter and Choc Edge literature) are copyrighted to the respective authors and cannot be used without permission. To contact the authors, please contact Choc Edge.
Copyright -- All designs and images copyright : ©Anthony Price , ©Mark Jones , 2012~ActivePresent.
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