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Welcome to the gallery of original Chocolate Creations by British freelance designers ANTHONY PRICE (Creative Designer: 2D, 2.5, 2.75D & 3D designs) and MARK JONES (Digital Designer: Practical 3D - Head & objects scans). ANTHONY and MARK have been avid users of Choc Edge's technology for a number of years and work closely with the Choc Edge team on a variety of projects.

The wide range of designs in this gallery by ANTHONY and MARK demonstrate the concept of chocolate printing. As both ANTHONY and MARK also provided the Choc Edge engineering team with a great deal of advice during the development of the Choc Creator V2.0 Plus, it can be said that the printer has been designed with a high level of artistic funcationality in mind. The podium below of original 3D designs by ANTHONY demonstrates the pinnacle of 3D ALM chocolate printed artwork. 

IMAGE BELOW: A set of 25 of ANTHONY's most successful 3D designs for couverture chocolate.       The Choc Creator V2.0 Plus has 5 of these designs pre-installed. 

IMAGE BELOW: A set of variants of 15 popular designs (both 2D and 3D) are pre-installed into the internal memory of the Choc Creator V2.0 Plus for convenience as ready-to-print G-codes for couverture chocolate. [Variants of the 15 designs are shown directly below.]

3D ALM Chocolate Printing Examples : Below is a collection of snapshots of ANTHONY and MARK's favorite 2D, 2.5D, 2.75D and 3D work so far.

2D Art

A selection of 2D [1~2 layer] and 2.5D [3+ layer] prints by ANTHONY and MARK. These images are presented as concept examples. A small selection of the original STL templates used to create these prints can be found in the MIX & MATCH library app.

3D Inspiration

Solid 3D shapes and art constructed from multiple components (=2.75D) by ANTHONY and MARK. These images are presented as concept examples. A library of 25 3D shapes is available in G-code format.

PLEASE NOTE # 1 : All the objects seen above were designed and printed by ANTHONY PRICE and MARK JONES using machine-tempered Belgian Couverture Chocolate (which they recommend for quality printing results) in a studio with an ambient temperature of approx. 21°C / humidity 50%.
PLEASE NOTE # 2 : This gallery has been uploaded for the purpose of conveying the concept of chocolate printing and inspiring newcomers to this form of artistry. A small number of the examples featured in this gallery are available to users in either STL or G-code format. It should be noted that not every example featured in this gallery is available to customers - Some of the designs are for promotional use only, while others have been retired due to improvements in our technology, specifically the introduction of the new 0.8mm nozzle; The 0.4mm nozzle has now been retired and is no longer available. Any images below produced using the retired 0.4mm nozzle are kept here soley as inspirational concept examples. The MIX&MATCH app is the new 2D/2.5D STL library which contains many of the original templates used to create the 2D/2.5D prints seen below, and a selection of 25 objects can be found in our 3D library in G-code format.
PLEASE NOTE # 3 : The images in this gallery are copyrighted by the respective designers (ANTHONY PRICE and MARK JONES) and must not be used without permission.
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