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Choc Creator V2.0 Plus

Improving on the innovations of the CCV1 and CCV2 the latest Choc Creator is more reliable and easier to use than ever before.

New innovations include a 30ml metal syringe with a removable nozzle, combined with a printing head that evenly heats the syringe and designed to print with absolutely no blocking.

An LCD screen has also been added which allows the user to easily control the machine, even without a computer. In addition to this a larger build envelope of 180x180x50mm means that users can create larger prints than ever before.

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Choc Creator V2.0 - DISCONTINUED

The Choc Creator V2 features a heated nozzle and backplate to ensure printing is continuous, a higher capacity printhead than the V1 and an attractive and easy to clean case. Building upon the strengths of the original Choc Creator our new machine makes it even easier to produce customised chocolates, whether it's something highly personalised or created by combining ready-made designs.

Choc Creator V2

Choc Creator V1 - DISCONTINUED

The original version of the Choc Creator and the world's first commercially available 3D printer. A prototype with just a 10ml capacity, but revolutionary at the time, the CCV1 laid the foundations for the chocolate printing technology behind the CCV2 and CCV2.0 Plus. No longer available for sale.